Andrew Rosindell MP – King of the All-Party Group

I blogged earlier about All-Party Parliamentary Groups (APPGs) after my interest was sparked by the Panorama/Daily Telegraph/Sunday Times revelations at the weekend. I picked out 5 of these APPGs almost at random to see which MPs were members, and noticed the same names cropping up again and again. One in particular stuck out – Conservative MP for Romford, Andrew Rosindell. I decided to have a look which groups he was a member of in more detail and discovered he’s actually a member of a staggering number of these groups, mostly ones dedicated to a country or region. Here’s some stats:

Groups to which he is a member: 90

Groups he Chairs: 17 

Groups he holds other ‘officer’ positions (vice-chair, treasurer or secretary): 28

The groups he sits on include country groups as diverse as Mongolia, Liechtenstein, and St Lucia and subject groups including the ‘zoos an aquariums group’ (he chairs), the group for third world solidarity and the parliamentary group for Tamils.

If these groups are genuinely for MPs and peers to foster links and address issues, how can one person have the time to sit on 90 of them, and can he genuinely have an interest in so many regions and so many topics, including a significant enough interest to chair 17 of them? How is it possible to even keep track of which groups he belongs to? Why he is a member of so many?



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