Osborne’s speech reveals his contempt for you and me

George Osborne made a speech today about the economy. Overnight, it had been trailed by briefings that he would announce plans to make government surpluses legally binding, and the need to cut another £25bn after the election. This is what I was planning to blog about, but having sought out the full text of his speech (read it here), it’s just not worth it. Instead I thought I’d just pick out a few Coalition phrases that in a sane world would be banned. Osborne’s speech is littered with them. Why not leave your own favourite in the comments below.

1. ” …the world does not owe Britain a living.”

Eh? Who is arguing it does? Meaningless. Explain yourself Mr Osborne.

2. “What is true of this company [Seetec] is true of our country.”

Really? So a government should behave exactly like a private business?

3. “The plan is working.”

This is the Tory Party’s mantra now, but “the plan” was junked a long time ago. Remember, they wanted to eliminate the deficit by 2015 and have the debt/GDP ratio falling by the election. It was stupid and counterproductive, but that was the plan.

4. Our long term economic plan has five key parts to it. The first is to go on reducing the deficit so we deal with our debts – because that’s the way to safeguard our economy for the long term and keep mortgage rates low.”

It seems to me that if there is a relationship between the government’s deficit and mortgage rates, it precisely the opposite to the one the Chancellor wants us to believe. When the deficit falls and the economy recovers, mortgage rates will go up.

5. “…Britain was borrowing more than £400 million every single day to pay for government spending.”

Was it? Or was it saving £400 million more than it was investing every day?

6. “The only way to improve people’s living standards for the long term is for Britain to earn its way in the world…”

Earn its way in the world. Like “the world does not owe Britain a living” this stupid phrase promotes the lie that exports are the only way to salvation. And yet our trade deficit remains.

7. “…people who work hard and want to get on…”

Just typing that phrase was painful.

8. “A strong economy and a fair economy go hand in hand.”

But we will get neither.

9. “We have to make sure the recovery supports those who work hard and play by the rules.”

But not you, dole scum.

10. “…benefits as a lifestyle choice.”

Millions living the life of Riley off your taxes!

11. “The long term unemployed are no longer going to get something for nothing.”

Think community service, but for people who have broken no laws.

12. “Reducing taxes for hardworking people.”

By hardworking he means “earns over £100k per year”.

Basically then, Osborne thinks we are worthless, ignorant fools who will believe any old shit while he goes about his business cutting taxes and regulation to benefit his mates. Don’t let him get away with it, but also don’t expect a Labour Government to be much better. Their rhetoric may be less harsh, but the substance is almost identical.





14 thoughts on “Osborne’s speech reveals his contempt for you and me

  1. Reblogged this on Vox Political and commented:
    I’m interested to see how Osborne proposes to make his plans legally binding on a future government, as my understanding is that it is a long-standing and cardinal rule of government here in the UK that no decision made by one government can be imposed on the next.

    1. I have been waiting to see if anyone would come up with this one because it stands to reason, that if this unelected coalition can change laws at whim,as they have and still are doing, then so can any other government following them. ,my favourite though is number 8 .. “A strong economy and a fair economy go hand in hand.”…will only be fair MR Osbourne, when you and your cronies reduce your own salaries instead of constantly increasing them as you have done and live within YOUR means .i.e. live off your wages not claim expenses for EVERY bloody peanut you eat at the H of P bar. and stop cheating the tax payers by claiming for personal stuff like undies etc..pay the going rate for your sarnies instead of subsidised food in the H of P CAFES/RESTAURANTS OR WHATEVER SORT OF PLACE YOU EAT IN. AND DON’T FRITTER OUR CASH ON MASSIVELY EXPENSIVE MEALS. AMONG A LIST OF OTHER THINGS WOULD TAKE ALL YEAR TO TYPE OUT. WE HAVE TO LIVE OFF A SEN AMOUNT AND GET NO SUBSIDIES. AND YOU SHOULD SHOW AN EXAMPLE AND DO LIKEWISE.

      1. Of course, Osborne is the one who used taxpayer’s money to make around a million pounds for himself, claiming mortgage interest on a building in his constituency, together with a paddock and another piece of land, as an expense associated with his work as an MP, even though it is not believed he ever did any work at that address (certainly not on the paddock or the other land)!

    1. I find 9 very chilling. Work hard and play by the rules, Whose rules? Compliant slaves is my take on this phrase. The rules – don’t complain about no hours contracts and forget a living wage. A neo-liberal agenda. What, you expect the government to top up your wages, Must remember that for the next board meeting it will bring the house down!

      1. That would be any rules that any petty official, private security, police, CPO, shopkeeper, or your next door neighbour decides. The law going through parliament this week – tomorrow – will make the nightmare a reality.

        This is a really big vote of *special thanks* to Nick Clegg, and the “opposition” for voting for it, keeping it secret, and finishing the job while everyone is diverted by the Osborne madman speech.

  2. Can’t choose .. each example is brilliantly riddled with hypnotic markers inviting the particular desired schema. Advertising is so sophisticated nowadays .. As always Osborne statements have nothing to do with reality or the democratic process, and everything to do with his attempting to pull an electoral heist.

  3. It’s got to be all of them, plus anything he says – it’s all codswallop anyway! He doesn’t know how to add 1+1+3+1 , now the 1+1 he may have scrapped by with, but not other numbers that add up to more than 2.
    I just hope that they are thrown out at the next election – but I so want to see their faces as they lose seat after seat after seat. In some ways I’m quite looking forward to the EU elections as that will be a bit of a taster…

  4. “Think community service, but for people who have broken no laws”

    I don’t see that as an actual problem if you analyse it rationally rather than politically. The community service structure is precisely the system model required to get the Job Guarantee working, since they have the skills at getting work to people that need it, locally in the right place, and dealing with the variable nature of the labour supply.

    The problem is one of emphasis – too much on the punishment aspect, too much on the ‘you will do what you are allocated’, and too much on the ‘you will do it for nothing extra’. Far too much on the coercion elements inherent in a punishment scheme.

    Nothing at all on the providing people with a *choice* of something to do that they find interesting, giving people life and work skills *and* paying them a fair wage for that output.

    And that’s always the problem. Workfare and providing Jobs for all just have a difference of emphasis in their nature, and turning one into the other just requires a shift in attitude. Just as private sector jobs can be a punishment or a great joy depending upon the attitude of the employer.

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