Michael Meacher’s Speech on Benefit Sanctions

There was a backbench debate in the House of Commons today on the DWP’s use of benefit sanctions. The official line is that claimants are only ever sanctioned if they are not doing what is required of them to either find work or prepare for work. The strong suspicion however is that sanctions are being used primarily to get people off benefits. Labour MP Michael Meacher opened the debate with a speech in which he gave numerous examples of where claimants have been sanctioned through no fault of their own, and highlighted the impact this can have on people’s lives. Here is the text of the first part of his speech (from Hansard):

“I beg to move,

That this House notes that there have been many cases of sanctions being wrongfully applied to benefit recipients; and call on the Government to review the targeting, severity and impact of such sanctions…

…From the evidence that I have collected from my constituency surgery, Citizens Advice, YMCA, the excellent Work and Pensions Committee report on this issue and the Library, it is abundantly clear that the standards that the DWP likes to claim always apply in sanctioning cases far too often certainly do not. I wish to cite a number of cases drawn directly from those sources.

A security guard at a jobcentre turned away a man with learning disabilities who had arrived 20 minutes early to sign on. The man then returned two minutes late to sign on and had his JSA sanctioned for 4 weeks.

A man was sanctioned for four weeks because he had not known about an appointment as the letter had been sent to an address that he had left a year ago, even though Jobcentre Plus was aware of his current address.

A woman claiming employment and support allowance had been diagnosed with cervical cancer and had given the back-to-work scheme provider a list of her hospital appointments. She was sanctioned for failing to attend an appointment on the middle day of her three-day hospital stay. The woman had two daughters but her ESA was reduced to £28 a week. She asked for reconsideration, but had heard nothing five weeks later.

A woman was sanctioned for failing to attend provider-led training when the receptionist had rung to tell her not to come in because the trainer was ill. She was subsequently told that she should have attended to sign the attendance register.

A woman whose ESA was sanctioned had her benefit reduced from £195 to less than £50 per fortnight because she missed a back-to-work scheme appointment owing to illness. Her sister had rung two days beforehand to say that she could not attend and arranged another date, when she did attend.

An epileptic man had his JSA sanctioned for four weeks because he did not attend a back-to-work scheme meeting as his two-year old daughter was taken ill and he was her sole carer that day. He rang the provider in advance, but was told this would still have to be noted as “did not attend”. During the four-week sanction he suffered hunger, hardship, stress and an increase in epileptic attacks, but he was not told about hardship payments or food banks or how to appeal the sanction decision.

Lastly, a man in Yorkshire and Humber was sanctioned for allegedly failing to attend back-to-work scheme events. He had in fact attended, and the provider had no record of any failures. His hardship request was not processed, his housing benefit was stopped, and he fell into rent arrears and had no money for food, gas or electricity.

These are not isolated or exceptional cases.”

There seems to be the beginnings of a bit of cross-party opposition to the DWP’s behavior with regards to sanctions, and I believe an independent review into their use is under way. While I don’t expect it to result in huge change, if it ultimately means fewer sanctions, then some good will have been done.



18 thoughts on “Michael Meacher’s Speech on Benefit Sanctions

  1. I’d have Michael Meacher as the head of the Labour Party – but he is getting on and I understand that he would not put himself forward should the occasion occur.
    This man has tried and tried to get the vulnerable a fair hearing but is always ignored by the coalition. This man understands that the government are out to kill the disabled and long-term sick, or indeed, anybody who does not contribute to society! This man cares, and that’s novel in today’s political world!

  2. what will happen eventually when the relatives of those that have died in going through welfare reform take the government to court so that a judge and jury can give a verdict on how their loved ones had come to die prematurely

    hopefully that day will come just like as in the Hillsboro case and that the relatives of the sick and disabled will be able to talk about how their loved ones suffered in the weeks leading up to their death

    it’s taken 25 years in the Hillsboro case and is still ongoing to bring closure on that fateful day on15 April 1989 when 96 people died and am certain that justice for the sick and disabled will take just as long if not longer as the death rate is so much higher

  3. This is getting beyond a joke now. My almost 20yr old son has been pushed rom one shit course to the next….continuously sanctioned and degraded. The family as a whole is hungry because of the bus fares fir these arsholes who do not give a shit. I’m sick of not having money for food and electric. I will be at the next demo near me…we should all be kicking off.vwe are downtrodden british idiots. The rich need taking out spoilt bstards. ….the selfish and spoilt leeches. Then our kids WILL have a chance!!!!! Its us or THEM.

  4. I got in touch with my MP Chris Leslie recently to clarify Labour’s position on this. While I’m not 100% certain, certainly his understanding is that the party is completely opposed to this type of unfair sanctioning and mandatory unpaid labour.

    We joked, perhaps a little darkly, that it was not that long ago that a party saying “we want to get people into work” would not have had to specify that they meant paid work. How times have changed.

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