Is IDS about to be given his marching orders?

There is a rumour going round this morning that David Cameron is planning a reshuffle next week and that Iain Duncan Smith will be removed as Secretary of State for Work and Pensions and replaced with Esther McVey. Is it true? Who knows. It seems to have come from an overheard conversation on a train, so could be bollocks, but I guess we’ll find out next week…


20 thoughts on “Is IDS about to be given his marching orders?

  1. If only – but there again, there wouldn’t be any change, it would just be worse as she is the bitch she knows she is!

  2. Reblogged this on Vox Political and commented:
    I’m not sure about this.
    We all know Esther McVey has lied to Parliament and therefore her words will carry no weight at all. It would not be sensible to put such a person in a position that needs rehabilitation after the damage done by the man Vox Political calls ‘Returned To Unit’ because of his many failures, including in the Army.

  3. Could be true as we all know UC is in chaos sounds about right move him out before announcing UC is to be scraped certainly much news to come out next week btw moving him could be used to deflect attention away from the data retention bill too

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    I’ve no doubt that Cameron is under pressure to put more women in cabinet roles, as the Tories have relied on women voters since Maggie Thatcher. Fester McLie has a reputation every bit as bad as RTU, so this would seem to rule her out. On the other hand, my guess is that as you hear less of her than her master, the Tories will rely on obscurity to promote her, hoping that there will be less opposition simply because fewer people will have heard of her.

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