Tory MP believes astrology should be incorporated into medicine

Just noticed this story on the BBC News website and had a bit of a wtf moment. David Tredinnick spoke of his belief in astrology after 20 years of study saying:

“I am absolutely convinced that those who look at the map of the sky for the day that they were born and receive some professional guidance will find out a lot about themselves and it will make their lives easier,”

This story would be merely amusing were it for the fact that Tredinnick is a member both the health and science and technology select committees, responsible for examining government policy and making recommendations about future changes.

So now we have both a Health Secretary who believes in the efficacy of homeopathy, and a health select committee member who believes in astrology and thinks it could have medical benefits. Scientists of the world weep! At least we’ve got rid of the Environment Secretary who doesn’t believe in global warming.

Here’s a nice video clip from Richard Dawkins’ Enemies of Reason documentary giving astrology the debunking treatment:


15 thoughts on “Tory MP believes astrology should be incorporated into medicine

  1. There are far too many people in parliament who think that really really believing in something makes it so.

    Perhaps that’s how they get elected. Insane levels of belief – literally.

  2. So instead of a prescription, we can look forward to getting our star charts instead? Un-bloody-believable!

  3. I myself have a bad back and was told my my doctor after we’d tried all sorts that he couldn’t fix it. I’ve started doing the 5 Tibetans (look on Youtube) and seen a very significant improvement. I have to keep doing them because I backslide if I don’t but life’s a lot less painful and frustrating now. A friend, 6’10, after being hit by a bus and a few cars was told by the NHS he’d never get out of the wheelchair the accident left him in. A chiropracter got him mobile again, he’s fine now for walking around except he can’t sit down at all (don’t ask about how he uses the toilet). The point is, Western medicine is very, very far from the be-all and the end-all of what actually works. I welcome any suggestion that considers alternatives, not on the basis that I think it’s right in this instance (I have no dea) but because it helps to broaden a debate which sorely needs it.

    1. Alternative medicines that work are generally just called medicines. Any treatment that is shown through double blind clinical trials to be effective will be adopted. If it carries the label ‘alternative’ it generally means there have either been no clinical trials, or there have been, but the results have shown it doesn’t work. Homeopathy would fall into this category. There have been many trials and all show it to be no better than placebo.

      1. Have you seen this? It’s very impressive. There’s more like it too. I’ll agree there’s a lot of hokum out there but this and a few others I’ve seen seem to me entirely genuine. Consider the nonsense that’s taught in place of real-world economics, couldn’t the same principles apply in other fields? Couldn’t regulatory capture have happened elsewhere than in finance? Are you aware of the recommendations from NICE to prescribe many of the population statins and that 8 of the 12 board members of NICE also work for big pharma companies who make statins? In my experience you can’t trust the so-called ‘authorities’ at all now.

        1. If you look at the Wikipedia page for the Burzynski Clinic, you get a different story: They have started 60 trials but published none. If his treatment could be proved to work it would be adopted. You cannot compare economics with the natural sciences. Economics is not a true science (although some economists try to use scientific methods). There is a lot that could be done to improve the research system for new medicines and treatments, but the scientific method is the best way to determine what works and what doesn’t.

  4. I would recommend looking very carefully at Dr Lissa Rankin’s ‘Mind over Medicine’ as she looks at much of the scientific evidence that is out there for taking charge of our own health and healing ourselves. There are many other modalities which have a scientific backing which are simple but very powerful and do not make billions for big pharma. Most drugs have a natural base which they then isolate.
    If you have an understanding of the nature of reality as energy then homeopathy makes perfect sense. No, you wouldn’t use it for a caesarian but for many simple daily problems it is far better than the overuse we have of antibiotics.
    The placebo effect is extremely powerful and so is the nocebo effect health professionals use. Bruce Lipton is very eloquent on this and it is backed with science.

  5. In order to say something bad about Astrology you must know something about this subject. Otherwise your comment is non sens. Astrology is not what you see in a news. Do you know that the best astrologers don’t have time to socialize, to be on you tube, TV or to write “stupid astrology reports”?
    All in all, please stop talking if you have “non” valid information about Astrology. Our society is smart and intellectual in fact with “zero” resolution or solution for a better future.
    Additionally, those who live without being involved deeply in their existence don’t know who they are or where they go; they can only follow others people’s directions. SAD

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