UK public lurch to the left

Am back from a week’s holiday without internet access. Am usually online 24/7, so thought I might struggle, but it was actually quite refreshing. Didn’t take me long to slide back into old habits though, so here we are with another blogpost!

The title is slightly tongue-in-cheek, but relates to the results of a recent Yougov survey published here. The blog in which Yougov wrote up the survey results focused on the questions they asked about how left or right wing the public saw each of the main parties and their leaders, but Yougov also asked people how left or right wing they saw themselves.

When last asked this question in September 2013, 14% of people described themselves as either very or fairly left wing, while 12% described themselves as either very or fairly right wing. In last months poll, the figures came out as 15% very or fairly left wing and 11% as very or fairly right wing. So a surge to the left! Overall, 29% see themselves as left of centre, 20% as centre and 25% right of centre. 25% don’t know where they stand!

This is all relative of course because 30% saw Ed Miliband as being either very or fairly left wing (down from 36% last time), and I don’t think Miliband is left wing at all, so maybe the concept of left and right is not all that clear in people’s minds. I’ve blogged about this before, but if you want to find out where you are on the political spectrum, you can do the Political Compass test here. I posted my own result on my about page.

3 thoughts on “UK public lurch to the left

  1. The truth is relative. I keep seeing repeats of a programme about the Ireland Potato Famine in the mid 19th Century, when the English just refused to believe that Irish were wiped out by starvation, til one Lord went out himself to his lands and saw all about him the starving crawling along the street in the process of death.

    The Tories did the same with the Workhouse and the New Poor Law in the 19th Century that killed 5 million poor, mostly old, disabled, sick, breaking apart families, and selling the children into forced labour (watch the musical Oliver).

    Now foreign news reports that starvation has risen 71 per cent since 2010 Coalition rule, when England is amongst the richest nations on earth.

    In 2016 will come the scandal of the poorest being left with no food money in old age forever:

    The Greens solve starvation if only they were a mass party, as offer a manifesto pledge for 2015 general election of:

    – universal non-means tested Citizen Income,
    to give an income to all for their basic needs, non-withdrawable.

    The Socialists Party back in 1997 (i wish I had heard of it back then as state pension payable if remain in job or choose to retire):

    – state pension for men and women at 55 at £320 per week

    – 50 per cent increase for current pensioners of state pension and pensioner benefits.

    These two pledges today would give a party millions of voters and a landslide majority government in 2015, as this is actually life or death, as Gandhi observed, People’s Politics Are Their Daily Bread.

    But this saving of peoples’ lives, would also generate jobs on the high street, as it is the poor and pensioners who shop in the town centre.


    To find out what socialism actually is, see my personal website:

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