How not to commemorate the 100th anniversary of the outbreak of WWI

Today world leaders commemorated the 100th anniversary of the outbreak of WWI. A time for reflection you might think, to contemplate the human tragedy that led to the deaths of over 10 million people, and a time for learning lessons about how it happened and how to ensure we stop repeating the same mistakes.

Some though had other ideas and have decided to enter into an unseemly row about a message left on a wreath at a remembrance ceremony by Labour leader Ed Miliband. Here is the message along with the one left by David Cameron:

This is apparently the message @Ed_Miliband put on the wreath for the #WW1 memorial. What do you think of it?

Apparently, the organisers of the memorial services handed the leaders a wreath with a message already pre-written on it just before they had to lay the wreath at the cenotaph. Cameron’s advisors obviously prepared in advance for him to write his own message while Miliband’s did not. Who cares though?

They call August the silly season, as the House of Commons is not sitting and political types desperately look for something to get angry about. A couple of the usual suspects decided to to make something out this non-story:

This is ridiculous from former Toy MP Louise Mensch:

And here Telegraph blogger Dan Hodges took it as another sign he is right about Ed Miliband:

These two and many others like them have spent most of the afternoon trying to make this into another “Ed Miliband not up to the job of PM” story. Well Miliband may well not be up to the job, but having a go at him for not writing a personal message on a wreath is actually rather shameful. That is not what today should be about. Grow up people!


7 thoughts on “How not to commemorate the 100th anniversary of the outbreak of WWI

  1. The truly disturbing thing about the 100th anniversary of the start of WW1 is not the fact that so many people died and so much misery was caused,but that to this day people still believe the historical narrative that claims the war was caused by German aggression and a degree of historical inevitability.

    The war was caused by a small group of Super Rich Bankers who knew they could use it to redraw the map of Europe and increase their existing fortunes by well over 1000%.

    The evidence for this is well established,has been published and ignored for decades, which is not really surprising as not only are the same methods still being used today but more often than not by the same small clique of Banks as used them a century ago.If the truth about WW1 was known even now then it would inevitably lead onto the next question of can we be sure that this can’t happen again? And the answer to that is that it happens ALL THE TIME!so we would then end up butchering the Bankers who have made this nightmare into a business model.

    Anyone wishing to discover what really caused WW1 should start by reading “War is a Racket!”by Brigadier General Smedley-Butler.This gives numerous examples of the massive contracts handed out in the USA,often for equipment of NO known military value.My favourite was the one for 4 dozen spanners,each 4ft across,and intended to undo the nut on the main lock of the Panama Canal.As the nut is the only one of its kind in the world the need for 48 gigantic spanners does take some explaining!These things were shunted around the USA for years before being quietly melted down but the contract to produce them was worth a fortune!

    The fact that Britain knowingly supplied Germany during the war with steel,iron,coal,copper,oil,cement and food was established during the war by our Naval Attache to Scandinavia between 1912-1919,Rear Admiral Consett,who published his findings in 1928 in the now almost impossible to find book “The Triumph of Unarmed Forces 1914-1918”.This book,I have a copy!,proves that Britains trade with neutral European nations increased by over 1000% after the start of the blockade of Germany and that this was sent on to Germany with full knowledge of the British Government who Admiral Consett,among many others,informed on more than one occasion. Among the people who discovered what was going on were Nurse Edith Cavell who wrote to the Nursing Mirror and had her claims published in London,April 15th, 1915.Her death was ORDERED bySir William Wiseman,head of British Intelligence,and a partner in the Rothschild front company,Kuhn Loeb Company.

    A splendid book could easily be published and would become an international best seller so it is more than a bit surprizing that supposedly top class professional historians, like Max Hastings,never go near this topic.But as this knowledge of the past would inevitably lead people to question more recent events then maybe this lack of “interest” is not so surprizing after all.If people knew what had been done,and what is still being done today,then we would probably slaughter our Ruling Elite within a few hours!

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