8,500 people have now started on Universal Credit, we’re over 1% of the way there!

Today the DWP released some statistics that show that during the period of rollout for Universal Credit which began in April 2013 and up to 31st May this year, only 8,500 people had started on the new benefit. Universal Credit is supposed to replace 6 existing benefits and tax credits with a single monthly payment. In principal not the worst idea ever; in the hands of Iain Duncan Smith, a total effing disaster. The target is to get 4.5 million households on the new benefit by 2017, but at current rates of rollout, the process should be complete sometime in 2540. It seems unlikely IDS will  still be around by then!

Meanwhile, Duncan Smith remains in denial, claiming everything is going to plan, and the glacially slow rollout is due to his own desire to see the programme rolled out gradually. He believes!

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8 thoughts on “8,500 people have now started on Universal Credit, we’re over 1% of the way there!

  1. I hope UC dies the death or almost every person earning less than 35 hours on the minimum wage will have to prove they are looking for more hours or another job, exactly the same as the unemployed, or get sanction and lose their benefit just like the unemployed. For the poor, self-employed and part-time workers this will make life an unmitigated misery. Only a mind as turgid and stupid as IDS possesses could possibly have come up with this one!

  2. IDS. Insane. Never had a job he could do. A total failure all his life and knows it. This is his legacy to his own fears, demons and insecurity. foisted on the only people he could ever have power over. The poor and disabled. Cameron knows IDS has lost the plot and is scared of him and what he will do if he sacks him. What a government run by American crooked corporates and cowardly puppets. This government is a danger to the British people, economy and the world.

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