John Oliver on Ferguson and Police Militarization

Here’s John Oliver on his show ‘Last Week Tonight’ talking about the shooting of an unarmed 18 year old by police in Ferguson, Missouri. He reminds us of the events that took place before giving some quite jaw-dropping examples of how the police in the States are becoming more and more militarized. He manages to balance anger with just the right amount of humour to keep the audience with him.

I like this show. It’s just half an hour of Oliver talking and introducing news clips. Each week he devotes about 15 minutes of the show to a major news story – just enough to give the viewer a bit of depth without turning them off. It’s only shown on Sky Atlantic over here, but most of each show is put on Youtube soon after it airs. The nearest equivalent over here would be the 10 O’Clock show, which rarely devotes more than 5 minutes to a topic before cutting to Jimmy Carr wearing a false mustache telling a few tasteless jokes before shrugging. Oliver is British, so here’s an idea. Someone get him to do something similar over here.


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