Straw poll on 2015 voting intentions

Just thought I’d do a quick straw poll of the voting intentions of the readers of this blog/Twitter followers. I’d be grateful if you could give your answers via this link:

It’s completely anonymous, and nothing will be stored apart from the answer you give. Will let it run for a week and then share the results.



3 thoughts on “Straw poll on 2015 voting intentions

  1. Being as most blogs about the cruelty of the current government and the belief in austerity of the major parties, do not list the parties that offer an end to starvation, the moral theft of state pension especially to impoverished women and the threat to wellbeing of benefit sanctions long beyond the time it takes to die of starvation (about a month), then the straw poll is incomplete.

    Blogs need to list the policies of The Greens, The Left Unity Party, Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition, and other socialist parties, to show where there is hope for the current millions barely able to eat, even in work and retired (even the Daily Telegraph once had an article showing a great many pensioners are on about kids’ pocket money left for food after living costs).

    From 2016 women born from 1953 and men born from 1951 will be left with nil money forever in old age to buy food and fuel and keep a roof over their head.

    Links are on my personal website

  2. Reblogged this on Jay's Journal and commented:
    Well worth doing and if it’s shared by lots of people who do respond it would give us a bit of an idea of what people are thinking…

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