alittleecon top 5 posts of 2014

It’s the end of the year, so time to embark on a self-indulgent look back at some of my top posts from 2014. Here’s the top 5 most-read:

1. A random CIF commenter nails it on Tory welfare lies

Note the slightly click-baity title. I basically just copied and pasted a comment from the Guardian’s website here, but it was my most-read post of the year. Go figure.

2. The Basics of Modern Monetary Theory

This was my beginner’s guide to MMT and it seemed to go down well. I am rather more proud of this one than the number 1 post on this list.

3. What does it mean to be fiscally responsible?

This was actually written in September 2013, but continues to get regular hits, due to it being high up the rankings on Google for some search term or another. “Fiscal responsibility” is a phrase that ain’t going away any time soon though.

4. Michael Meacher’s Speech on Benefit Sanctions

Michael Meacher MP made a good speech in the HoC about benefit sanctions. I shared it here.

5. BBC Economics Editor struggles with economics of public debt

This is from just a couple of weeks ago and is about Robert Peston having difficulty with stuff he should probably already be on top of.


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