Nick Clegg talking some sense

Not five words I thought I’d ever write adjacent to each other, but here’s Nick Clegg talking some sense about yesterday’s massacre in Paris (starts around 28:30). I say sense, but he’s actually only stating the obvious for those who may be a little hard of thinking.

2 thoughts on “Nick Clegg talking some sense

  1. Largely agree, although it’s depressingly familiar that once again, a politician is confusing explanation with justification or extenuation. The caller wasn’t in any way defending the atrocity in France yesterday, he was saying that getting a fuller story might make it easier to comprehend why it happened, and thus make it easier to prevent a repetition.

    As for Farage, he could make domestic abuse by a man with red hair on a brunette wife sound like a multiculturalism failure. It’s sad that once again the media have been so quick to give him a platform for his xenophobia-tickling hate-speech.

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