Is this really news? Part 1

I thought I’d log a few stories that pop up during this election campaign, that just seem ridiculous to me. These types of stories pop up all the time. There’s maybe a day of massively overhyped controversy, and then it’s never hear of again. I think this first story definitely fits the bill. It’s Labour’s pink van.

Harriet Harman and Gloria De Piero

Here’s the van. Shocking isn’t it? This story has been all over the news today, and Channel 4 News managed to milk about 10 minutes out of it. I don’t entirely know what it’s all about, but here’s the jist. Is the van patronising? Is it sexist? I don’t know, but is this really news?


3 thoughts on “Is this really news? Part 1

  1. From what Lib Dem Pensions Minister Mr Steve Webb said, no party in parliament today voted against the Coalition’s Pension Bills.

    Women lost payout at 60 from 2013 born from 6 April 1953, with a payout from 2019 – 2020.
    From a law no-one knew about, passed in 1995, yet Coalition’s election promise in 2010 said the retirement age would not rise til 2020 for women. It rose back in 2008 and then 66 in this government.
    The Tories revoked the law that guaranteed pension payout in 1993, passed only in 1975 by Labour, and Labour did not bring that law in 13 years of rule.

    Women older than those ladies, now face nil state pension with a retirement age next year, as do huge numbers of men, along with all future pensioners.

    Pensioners face the loss of Pension credit from growing re-assessment conditionality in 2016.

    New claimants lose Pension Credit from 2016.

    People are getting flat rate pensions as low as £55 per week with no tops up for retiring next year.

    There are many women, along with a lot of men, with no other pension provision, either works or private pensions.

    Labour’s Mr Balls has said he will not reverse the Coalition spending cuts and be even harder on welfare reform than the Tories.

    Women, according to the Fawcett Society, have lost out even more than men.

    Although losing out by sanctioning is equal starvation for men and women and their children.

    Cuts in Housing Benefit and the Bedroom Tax, can hit the over 60s because of the raised retirement age, even at 66.

    Universal Credit denies men state pension payout til 73 by those benefit rules, because his wife is 5 years younger than him.

    As a woman, Labour offers me and millions of women like me, absolutely nothing.

    Nil benefits of any kind.
    Chronic sick.
    Early retired on works pensions 4 per cent lowest income
    according to the Institute of Fiscal Studies
    (which is the average, with a great many women far below that amount)
    Lost Council Tax benefit 100 per cent when it was devolved to cash strapped councils.

    So recall that of the 15 million who did not vote in 2010, 9 million were women.

    Labour voting areas have the lowest voter turnout, and most not registered on the electoral roll.

    This van is not women to women, because women in parliament kept retirement age at 60 for their best public sector works pensions and were ‘protected from pension reforms’ – source House of Commons Library.

    And women MPs get a £74,000 pay rise this year, along with their male colleagues, whilst poor women over 60s get absolutely nothing.

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