Are you one of the Lidl People?

The Sun ran an article penned by David Cameron today headlined “How I’ll help the Lidl People” (the article is paywalled so I won’t link to it). I’m not sure whether that’s Cameron’s phrase or the Sun’s, but it seems to mean a person who shuns the leading brands to find the best deal. The Sun thinks these people are the key to winning the election. I’m an Aldi man myself, but are you one of the Lidl people?

This got me thinking about other lazy, borderline insulting terms politicians and the media have come up with to label large groups of people. There was Tony Blair’s “Mondeo Man“, Nick Clegg’s execrable phrase “Alarm Clock Britain” and of course Miliband’s “Squeezed Middle“. Have I missed any good ones? I think this phenomenon just highlights how detached the people who want to represent us are from the real world. They can’t grasp what people might want unless they can segment voters into stupid stereotypes, and aim particular messages at those groups. I don’t like it. It’s infantile.

2 thoughts on “Are you one of the Lidl People?

  1. Our political class are mostly educated in the aristocratic feudal mindset, a thousand years into the past, in public schools and onto to Oxford and Cambridge and then direct into politics.

    These people have never lived in the nation of the people.

    To get Labour back into power is not happening according to the pundits, who predict the worst hung parliament ever, with Labour and Tories only neck and neck.

    If the Tories and UKIP hoover up Lib Dem voting areas, they still will not get much more than being in a hung parliament.

    One old Daily Mirror headline ran – Labour surge but Tories still in command.

    There is a way to gain natural allies to an alliance of left wing parties to give Labour a majority of 323 seats out of the 650 that would guarantee a majority that would end starvation from welfare and pension reform, aka abolition, with pension reform going to leave the poor without state pension on and from 6 April 2016.

    See how at:

    You might care to share this website on your social media pages and reblog on your blogs, so as to inform the poor of their immense power more than any other general election in UK history, since voting began for all of us and not just the elite.

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