Parties’ key messages Monday 9th March

Don’t seem to have much time for blogging at the moment, but thought I’d start another new series of posts today. Was wondering how it would look if I put all the main parties’ daily lead Tweets on the same page.

Conservatives – Miliband in pocket of someone who is neither an MP, a party leader nor even a union ‘baron’:

Labour – A two-part Tweet (these never really work well). “Iceberg, dead ahead!”:

Lib Dems – Two million more apprenticeships (tagline: quantity, not quality), complete with boring video:

Bonus Tweet – Danny Alexander tries to plant his fag paper between Labour and the Tories:

UKIP – The People’s Champion strikes back at the Tories:

Greens – No action

Respect – Give us your f***ing money:

SNP – sounds boring:

Plaid Cymru: Nothing yet


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