Parties’ key messages Tuesday 10th March

Going to try and do this every day for as long as I can bear it. What have the parties been Tweeting today?

Tories – Lots more people in work because of us:

Labour – Reigniting the spirit of ’45 (as timidly as possible):

Lib Dems – Still banging on about apprenticeships, and Nick Clegg feeds a seal:

UKIP – A hive of activity today. EU armies and Nigel Farage intervenes in the Greek crisis:

Greens – Heard of the Green surge? Now it’s time for the Green “Breakthrough”. They want your money:

Respect – All quiet

SNP – Not happy at lack of access to Whitehall civil servants and using Treasury for party political purposes:

Plaid Cymru – Leader Leanne Wood on Woman’s Hour, rejecting austerity and on Plaid’s progressive alternative (do I speak perfect Welsh or do Plaid put out all their Tweets in both English and Welsh?)


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