Parties’ key messages Thursday 19th March

Tories – By my maths, this change is worth less than £10 a year to most people. Worth shouting about?:

Labour – Labour’s Twitter account doesn’t really do policy, but this might be one (albeit very unspecific):

Lib Dems – This is fun. Danny and his big yellow box. Doesn’t he look important?:

UKIP – The party for working people?:

Greens – Does this count as a defection?:

SNP – Still trying to get rid of UKIP’s idiot Scottish MEP

Plaid Cymru – Let’s get Wales working:

Mebyon Kernow – The Lib Dems have been promising all sorts for Cornwall recently. Is this why?:


3 thoughts on “Parties’ key messages Thursday 19th March

  1. Mebyon Kernow is a left wing party smack in the middle of Cornwall that has the most slim majorities of sitting Tory and Lib Dem MPs, even in single figures.

    MK is not about Celtic separatism, but about real socialism that Labour is not offering.

    With MK MPs adding to the mix of TUSC and Class War, alongside Labour, bringing them back to their core voters who began them, like the Bryant and May match girls strike, then such a multi party coalition could easily pass the 323 MP threshold.

    Otherwise the Tories are planning to just sit in power and ignore even losing Tory MP seats.

    Sad to see that TUSC is not within the Tweets this time.

    The Trade Unionist and Socialsit Coalition (TUSC) is fielding over 122 candidates for MPs, which means have long past the threshold of runing in 1/6th of the seats to get national media coverage in nationals newspapers and national TV news.

    TUSC gets no coverage in the so-called left leaning blogs either.

    And Class War’s tweets must really be entertianing.

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