Has the PM been taking tips from his Party Chairman?

David Cameron was in Brussels the other day for a meeting of EU leaders. He was quoted as saying this:

“When I first came here as prime minister five years ago, Britain and Greece were virtually in the same boat, we had similar sized budget deficits. The reason we are in a different position is we took long-term difficult decisions and we had all of the hard work and effort of the British people. I am determined we do not go backwards.”

As whoppers go, this is Shapps-esque. If only Greece had had a #longtermeconomicplan, all would be rosy now. The sun would be starting to shine once more. To say this is ‘misleading’, doesn’t really begin to cover it. Greece is a member of the Eurozone. We are not. When the crisis hit Greece, its options were much more limited than ours, and ot was forced into accepting a bailout. The conditions attached to this bailout included austerity several orders of magnitude greater than we have seen here. The on Greece’s economy are quite nicely subsidised in this infographic (found here):


So for Cameron to claim the difference between the two countries today is the ‘tough decisions’ taken by his Government is kind of insulting to both the Greek people and to the intelligence of all of us.

The real reason why the UK is in a lot better shape is firstly because we are not in the Euro and as a consequence of this did not need to go down the fiscal austerity road. Greece did go down that road in a big way, and the results are plain to see. It’s maybe to Cameron’s credit that the Government eased off on the cuts after 2012 (while still needlessly clobbering to poorest), but to admit that would be to admit everything they’ve said in the past five years has been a lie.


One thought on “Has the PM been taking tips from his Party Chairman?


    Public spending did not cause the recession.

    The crisis was caused by the huge American firm Lehman Bros going bust and
    nearly taking the world’s banking system with it.

    2010….National Debt £0.7 trillion

    2015….National Debt £1.3 trillion

    The Tories have borrowed more in 5 years than Labour did in 13 years.


    The UK began the welfare state and the NHS with massive war debt we had to pay back to USA, a ruined infrastructure, and we went on to have an age of prosperity.


    Greece did not have austerity. It had capitalism abolition. That was the bail-out.

    Greece’s debt is €317 billion after 5 years of so-called bail-outs
    increased the debt massively again and again.

    If Papandreou had kept his mouth shut, none of the panic hysteria would have happened. The same with any of the southern and easter Europe, because the EU does not know where its finances goes for itself, let alone elsewhere.

    The EU does not comprehend capitalism’s core necessities.

    Greece had its wages cut both private and state,
    pensions decimated even for current pensioners from ALL SOURCES not only state pension, social medicine lost so nil medicine or treatment,
    nil basic tax allowance,
    multiple layers of personal and business taxes (1 Euro coffee in a cafe is taxed 43 cents).

    The small to medium independent retailer is now sleeping rough in Athens parks and the shops are all shut in the city centre. These were the bulk of employment by inherited little shops.

    Without the mass of people with spending money, a nation goes to hell in a basket.

    The debt to the EU by Greece was caused by the EU who were the lenders and then by the EU’s solution to wipe out capitalism in Greece and leave a void.

    The EU has impoverished the bulk of Europe in southern and eastern Europe and imposed the same austerity that has wiped out much of capitalistic venture in all such nations in debt to the EU.

    The EU wanted to curtail the right to strike in Greece and unwind employment rights.

    And the EU government and its German rulers talk to Greece like we did when we did to our Empire colonies.


    Welfare admin is the cause of the rise in UK’s national debt, rising in cost by tens of billions each year, especially to private contract admin.

    But UK’s national debt today, is only a world average for a rich nation (source OECD).

    A deficit is not a national debt, and UK has had a deficit for 300 years to no ill effect.

    No saving has been made in cutting billions to the starving.

    As the costs have just transferred to the cash strapped NHS i

    In elderly bed blocking due to nil social care at home
    (where long term patients, hospice, elderly and
    patients needing home care but cannot be discharged
    would want to go),
    the massive rise in malnutrition NHS hospital admissions and
    to GP NHS budgets for kids suffering the hunger symptom of Rickets, effecting bone development.
    Obesity and gout caused by ever poorer workers only affording rubbish food.


    …It’s maybe to Cameron’s credit that the Government eased off on the cuts after 2012 (while still needlessly clobbering to poorest) …

    Women have been hit even harder than men by UK tax, benefit and state penson changes.

    UK Roads are pitted as bad as Greek rural roads throughout the country.

    Schools close.

    Hospitals close.

    Accident and Emergency cease to be 24 hour or close altogether.

    Cuts to Police and Army, both officers and civilian, being replaced by unpaid volunteers.

    Over 1 million austerity job cuts, mostly to low paid women in public sector, who then are clobbered with benefit cuts and state pension abolition from 2016.

    Libraries close.

    Entire social housing estates in London sold to developers for luxury flats and all the social tenants evicted by bailiffs (even families with kids, the sick, the pensioner)
    to be rehoused in such as Birmingham or Stoke-on-Trent, where there is little work.

    The first council in the country, Barnet in London to be fully privatised and wages beginning to be cut to council staff, now transferred to the private contract.

    Social Services, council cuts, all end up with less and less care in the community.

    Ad nausem.

    The cuts did not ease off in 2012.

    They went into hyperdrive.


    The way to fight austerity, welfare and state pension reform (aka abolition) is to vote different and get new MPs into Westminster. Best chance for small parties in UK history this year.

    See how and why at:


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