Parties’ key messages Tuesday 24th March

Tories – What will he say when it goes negative?:

Labour – Speaking of going negative…:

Lib Dems – Who’s the little fella two from the right?:

UKIP – Laughing at UKIP’s ‘costed’ plans:

Greens: The only party bothering with policy at this stage:

SNP – Labour still making it easy for the SNP:

Plaid Cymru – Labour really have no friends at the moment:

Respect – Staying on this theme, up steps Galloway to kick Labour while they’re down, making incursions across the border in Halifax:


5 thoughts on “Parties’ key messages Tuesday 24th March

  1. It may do. However it is an EU imposed tax – treaty exempted from being applied to financial transactions.

    Love the EU, then you love VAT. A french invention, but one more like the ten day week than the kilogram.

  2. Greece is failing due to austerity and has deflation. You don’t want the UK to turn out like that, do you?
    So vote for more austerity. You know it makes sense. Also, the UK is magically in the Eurozone for some reason.

  3. I remember my parents telling me that they voted against the Common Market as the didn’t see the need for it, as well as knowing that there would be a catch. They say that they didn’t vote for the EU, which was true. Now it’s just a huge money making machine – like the Conservatives really, they take, take and take some more.

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