Parties’ key messages Tuesday 31st March

Yesterday we hit a new low. What did today bring?

Tories – This is a good message for the Tories I would have thought, but all the negative stuff suggests they don’t think people are buying it:

Labour – This is also a positive message Labour can sell (not that it’s that impressive), but they keep sticking up videos of Bilbo Baggins instead:

Lib Dems – Walking a tight-rope at the moment. On the one hand, they want to take credit for this:

…but also want to say this (while not ruling out another Lib Dem/Tory Coalition of course):

UKIP – There is barely a fag paper between UKIP and FUKP at the moment:

Greens – I just can’t see it:

SNP – Could be lot of recounts north of the border in the early hours of May 8th:

Plaid Cymru – Struggling to be heard is my perception. Maybe Thursday will change things:


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