Is this already the worst election campaign ever?

General elections only come around every 4 or five years, so it’s a difficult question to answer, but I don’t know about you, a week in and I’m already fed up. As far as I’m aware, no major party has released its manifesto yet, and the absence of policy has been replaced by an unremittingly negative campaign.

A few weeks ago I committed to a daily blog covering the key themes each party were highlighting on their Twitter feeds. I quickly realised they comprised solely of scaremongering about their rivals, so it has descended into dulls Tweets accompanied by some snarky comments. I’ll stick with it though to the bitter end. I’m not a quitter!

Both the Tories and Labour have given up all pretense that they are trying to win a majority, focusing mainly on speculation about who the other may or may not work with after the election. This has been rinsed and repeated so many times now, it’s surprising any one is still listening (maybe I’m the only one). No one really wants to tell us what they will do because they know they probably won’t be in a position to deliver most of it anyway. Instead they just speculate wildly (or tell lies) about what the other parties would do if they got in.

The ‘debate’ on Thursday didn’t shed much light on anything either. Much as I get sucked in by the soap opera nature of it all, the debate – it wasn’t really a debate, just seven people trying to appeal to a very narrow section of society  – was pretty boring. Everything is just so bland. At least here in Bradford we have Galloway flying around in open-top buses, threatening to sue someone every five minutes to spice things up a bit, but on the national stage, every day is Groundhog Day. Repeat after me “long term economic plan”, “the plan is working”…


3 thoughts on “Is this already the worst election campaign ever?

  1. It’s the worst campaign I could possibly imagine; until I think of all the other ones that have happened over the last thirty-five years.

  2. It’s been noted somewhere that I can’t remember that the Tory campaign is remarkably strange for an incumbent party. It rarely mentions anything they’ve done, and concentrates on the last Labour government (easy target but haven’t they had 5 years to do something?) and “Miliband looks like Gromit”.

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