Parties’ key messages Saturday 4th April

Tories – Mostly Tweeting pictures of local campaigners today, but in this poster, Alec Salmond has morphed into Nicola Sturgeon. Still don’t give two shits though:

Labour – I suspect the way they want to try and deliver this will be dumb. At least it’s a policy though:

Lib Dems – The Lib Dems have just made about 5 graphics and then repeated them daily. Don’t think I’ve shared this one yet though:

UKIP – Produce your own UKIP press release: Write down something that isn’t working well. Add “due to mass uncontrolled immigration” at the end, et voila:

Greens – Not really to do with their campaign, but an interesting quick read by the person who should be their leader:

SNP – People seem to be getting quite cross about this today. To me, it’s just an irrelevant bit of fluff:

Plaid Cymru – Don’t think they really have a choice in Wales do they?


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