Never mind the deficit just vote for the recovery!

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It’s difficult to know who to back in next month’s UK elections. Europe is a major issue which most normally sensible parties, or at least the parties who the public normally consider to be the more sensible,  have largely chosen to ignore  in the run up. The events in the eurozone are highly significant, in particular the Greek crisis,  yet those in the most pro-EU parties don’t want to talk about them at all.

There’s next to nothing about it on Labour’s main website, Labourlist, for example.

Funny that!  Those who believe in a united Europe, as many of our more ardent EU advocates clearly do, should feel as strongly about unemployed young people in Spain or poverty in Greece as about hardship in the UK.  Yet, if they ever remember to make a critical comment, it is not because they wish to change anything. The just expired Parliament has seen…

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One thought on “Never mind the deficit just vote for the recovery!

  1. I have the distinction of being banned off Labourlist.

    Because Labour believe the myth that there will ever again be a single party ruling UK government ever again.

    Labour begins this election on about 250 seats, losing 40 in Scotland. Could Labour about 20 seats it has in Wales to Plaid Cymru, running in all 40 Welsh seats.

    The Tories cannot win either. They may lose to single issue parties like about the NHS (13 seats) and the Lib Dems losing to all kinds of micro parties and getting no MPs, and certainly on course to lose the 10 or so seats in Scotlands, out of the mere 50 or so seats it has now.

    More people are not registered to vote today than were in 2010.

    Even fewer of those who are registered will come out to vote. That is why expert pundits predict the most severe hung parliament.

    Then we get a second general election, with the dictatorship for the UK parliament of a
    TORY / LABOUR COALITION, with no party on the opposition benches (save a few regional parliaments of the Celts).

    Do us 75 per cent that are the poor (bottom of average waged down to zero)
    care less about recovery.

    As Gandhi observed, people’s politics are our daily bread.

    No big party offers any hope in that direction.

    Europe is as meaningless an issue to people, as climate change or Trident.

    Bread and a roof over our head are the key issues.

    Only a herd of a group of parties from new parties can stave off the end of democracy for the UK parliament that is to come by the end of the year. These small parties can self-organise between themselves once their MPs win to enter Westminster, not just talk to Labour alone.

    But these new parties, the sole way to get the 75 per cent poor vote, are getting nil coverage in blogs or in the media or in the TV news. Even if one is the 6th biggest party and running over 134 MP candidates nationally (TUSC).

    But then TUSC is the sacked Labour party members / MP / councillors who voted against austerity cuts, as well as individual trade union officials running as candidates, when their unions are not funding the ads, equally as much as given to Labour, who cannot win on its own.


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