Scottish Leaders Debate spurs Tory moron squad into action

There’s a leaders debate going on in Scotland tonight, and it’s had assorted Tories rubbing their hands together with glee as it gives them a chance to talk about an unholy alliance between the SNP and Labour (which no one except them actually gives a shot about) It’s both amusing and intensely annoying at the same time. The official Tory Party Twitter account has been busy retweeting some absolute garbage for the last couple of hours. I imagine this was Grant Shapps as the debate started:

Here is some of what they came up with in answer to the conch:

Obviously didn’t get the memo. It’s hardworking, not ordinary working…

Of course they will. You represent one of the safest Tory seats in the country…

This guy is a Minister, not a character from a Jeeves and Wooster novel honestly…

Mainly on wealthy Tories to be fair…

They were roundly laughed at when they made this claim last week. Good on Mr Lewis for sticking to his guns though…

Well the clue is in the name really – Scottish National Party…

Bankrupt? Really?

“An inversion of economics” would be a pretty apt epitaph for the last 5 years…

Most people the SNP would like to see you win though Nick. Ever wondered why that is?

That’s what redistribution means dumb dumb…

That’s enough, you get the idea. There is not much sign that this strategy is shifting the polls in the Tories’ favour, but they keep plugging away bless them.


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