Parties’ key messages Monday 13th April

We’re into the last month now and while everyone else is sticking to the ‘fully costed policies’ line, the Tories have dropped all pretense of being ‘fiscally responsible’ and are now just promising to do anything they think might be vaguely popular with swing voters. Will it work?

Tories – Unremittingly negative and focused on Labour’s manifesto launch:

Labour – Labour’s manifesto in 140 characters or less:

Lib Dems – Didn’t get the memo about it being ‘promise the earth’ week:

UKIP – There’s a chance UKIP could poll 15% and only win 1 seat. Understandably they are not impressed:

Greens – At first glance I thought the ‘crowd’ was the two on the left:

SNP – Still having an easy time of it:

Plaid Cymru – And we have a manifesto!:


One thought on “Parties’ key messages Monday 13th April

  1. There are good and bad deficits. The auto stabilisers would have likely pushed back into deficit if austerity was implemented in 2009.

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