Parties’ key messages Wednesday 15th April

Tories – Unless you work what most people would consider full time hours (then you will):

Labour – Like the meek, women have a hell of a time, so I’m glad they’re getting something:

Lib Dems – Missed this earlier. Manifesto out today:

UKIP – Also manifesto launch day:

Greens – Nothing of note today

SNP – 3 more weeks and we’ll find out:

Plaid Cymru – Self explanatory:


One thought on “Parties’ key messages Wednesday 15th April

  1. You have to laugh at the Conservative pledge – currently someone working 30hr a week on NMW pays no income tax anyway, so they’re pledging to do the square root of bugger all! (and in fact, in the last financial year, working 30hrs at NMW left you liable for the whopping sum of £28/year tax, but permitted you to claim £1214/year in Tax Credits!)

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