Parties’ key messages Wednesday 6th May

It’s the big day tomorrow, and cause for celebration as it’s the last one of these I’ll be doing. Hurray! The campaign has been horrendous. Repetitive, focused of trivialities and incredibly negative. I hope they all lose, but failing that, I hope David Cameron is no longer PM after all the talking following the results has ended. Here we go.

Tories – Their campaign in two Tweets:

Labour – Faff is a very underused word these days:

Lib Dems – Not quite liberte, egalite, fraternite is it?

UKIP – UKIP in one image:

Greens – We shall see:

SNP – The SNP’s success may lead to the opposite:

Plaid Cymru –


2 thoughts on “Parties’ key messages Wednesday 6th May

  1. I’ve looked forward to these posts every day – particularly the erudite comments on each party’s output.

    The best option would be to close parliament until the parties grow up. However instead we will now see what effect the botch that is the Fixed Term Parliament Act has on proceedings.

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