Labour leadership contenders – compassionate and aspirational

Mary Creagh is the latest Labour hopeful to throw her hat into the ring for the race to become next leader of the Labour Party. I just saw her being interviewed on the local news and she used very similar language to her rivals. Here’s what I mean:

Chuka Umunna

“…in my view the Labour Party does best when it marries together its compassion for the vulnerable and the poor with others’ ambition, drive and aspiration to get on and do well.”

Yvette Cooper 

“We need a Labour party that moves beyond the old labels of left and right, and focuses four-square on the future. Credible, compassionate, creative, and connected to the day-to-day realities of life.”

Tristram Hunt

“We can only achieve a Labour government if we can combine a compassionate story about supporting those who need it most with a sense of optimism and hope for those who aspire to climb life’s ladder.”

Liz Kendall

“We need to show people that we understand their aspirations and ambitions for the future. If you look right across England, we did not do enough to appeal to Conservative supporters, and we must.”

Mary Creagh

“We want our country united, forward-looking, confident, and proud not fearful, introspective and insular. We want a country where aspiration and compassion go hand in hand. A country for everybody.”

Andy Burnham

“Our challenge is not to go left or right or to focus on one part of country or another, but to rediscover the beating heart of Labour and that must always be about the aspirations of everyone and speaking to them like we did in 1997.”

So six candidates, some compassionate, some aspirational, and some both compassionate and aspirational who could not be more different. Take your pick Labour members!


8 thoughts on “Labour leadership contenders – compassionate and aspirational

  1. I aspire to be able to vote for a new leader who is the genuine article, and not a clone from the “compassionate & aspirational” Mandy box of square pegs.

  2. It’s like a Question time panel – debate is allowed but only within the confines of accepted wisdom.
    At a time of low pay, massive profits and a housing boom, it’s more apparent than ever that the economic management of this country(and many others) is failing.
    However, all the candidates are so schooled in accepted Labour speak, and too busy/ignorant/ambitious to keep up with alternative thinking, that I fear, the Labour Party is incapable of offering a very good leader this time.
    The best we can hope for might just be an ok, better than Ed!

    nb – I suspect a female leader would expose the likes of Dave, Boris & George better, but that’s only a tiny part of the package required.

  3. “Aspiration” is a codeword for ever higher house prices leading to tax free unearned gains. It does not mean anything more meaningful than that.

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