God forbid that bearded fella gets elected as Labour leader and the party starts to actually represent working people, y’know, the labour of the country. 


Thanks to @mikeypie12(M) for this wonderfully witty piece!

I have been trying to work my way through the policies that have been put forward by the candidates for the Labour leadership. I’ve no doubt I would’ve achieved this much sooner if I had actually been able to find Yvette, and Liz’s… Not to mention that I have been distracted on multiple occasions by Alastair Campbell, John McTernan and other morally bankrupt figures who cropped up between 1997 and 2010, telling me that I shouldn’t vote for that bearded fella. However, I’m awaiting the intervention of Geoff Hoon before I make my final decision. No matter, a minor inconvenience.

Then there’s Andy from Liverpool. Andy differs from Yvette and Liz in that he has presented some policies. Although most of them appear to be a rehash of the last Conservative/Labour General Election manifesto (I’m assuming they were wrote by the…

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