Extracts from ‘Twenty Twenty-Four: A Chilling Vision of Corbyn’s Britain’

Mark Fiddaman

Of all the shit arguments against the modern left, my personal favourite has to be the ‘lazy comparison to Stalinist Russia gambit’. We start with the assumption that ‘being left-wing’ means ‘hating capitalism in all its forms’ and from there, it’s a swift, hysterical, slippery-slope ride to the gulags. The Corbyn-surge has provoked a recent spate of this sort of fuckwittery (e.g. here, here and here). Today’s (somewhat misleading) headline, that ‘Corbyn would reinstate Clause IV’, will likely provoke more.

Coincidentally, I’m currently writing a dystopian novel, in which I explore the relation between ‘fairly moderate democratic socialism’ and the great totalitarian disasters of the 20th century. I thought today would be as good a time as any to give you a sneak preview.

What follows are selected extracts from ‘Twenty Twenty-Four: A Chilling Vision of Corbyn’s Britain’.


It was a cold bright day in Jeztember, and the…

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