State Funding (Missing out the Middle Man) is nothing new – even Ford and Edison knew

Think Left

The UK, like the US is a sovereign state. Unlike European countries using the Euro, the UK has its own currency.  This is why Jeremy Corbyn has proposed PQE ( People’s Quantitative Easing). It is issuing funds directly for the benefit of people. It is intended for specific use, which is whatever is needed to provide full employment, to eradicate poverty and ensure that the government’s responsibility to ensure citizens have their basic needs and are not left dependent on foodbanks and homeless. It is not radical, it is not new. It just is direct funding, missing out the middleman , or the speculative banks.  Speculative Banks are erroneously named – they would be better called Opportunists, who are benefitting from a system where they milk the funds themselves. Let us just  remember that wealth is created by people and resources.

Our task is to find a way to repay…

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