Sulking Labour MPs can’t abide democracy

To get on the leadership ballot, Jeremy Corbyn required the nominations of 35 of his fellow MPs. It’s estimated that only around 20 actually supported him from the beginning, while a further 15 nominated him in order to ‘broaden the debate’. One of these was Margaret Beckett. Having previously called herself a ‘moron’ for nominating Corbyn, she popped up again on local radio to lament at her ‘mistake’:

This is absolutely typical of the attitude of many of Labour’s former big names. That she thinks giving party members and supporters a wider choice of leadership candidates was ‘one of the biggest political mistakes’ she’s ever made speaks volumes. Democracy is fine it seems, as long as we don’t vote for the wrong person. Is it any wonder people are so fed up with the status quo?


One thought on “Sulking Labour MPs can’t abide democracy

  1. The response of the Serious People of the Labour Party has been remarkable, if not entirely unpredictable. I was listening to Jack Straw on the Today programme on the radio the other morning – talking about Labour being in “a worse position than the 80s” or something similar – thinking “don’t you think that your generation of politicians might have something to do with this?” FYI Flying Rodent has covered this quite excellently.

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