Huge differences emerge between three main parties over spending on education

Or not.

David Cameron

“We are saying very clearly, when it comes to schools, that money that follows your child into the school, that money won’t be cut.”

Ed Miliband

“The next Labour government will protect the overall education budget.”

David Laws (Lib Dem education spokesman and expenses cheat)

“Liberal Democrats will protect the budgets for schools, early years and 16-19 education in real terms.”

Bizarrely, having announced an identical spending plan to Labour, Laws went on to say:

“Labour would fund their education plans through excessive and reckless borrowing, leaving today’s schoolchildren to pick up the tab when they start work. The £4bn that Labour would waste on debt interest payments would be better spent on schools.”

Anyway, take your pick. Do you prefer Blue fixed spending on education, Red fixed spending on education, or Yellow fixed spending on education?