Union members £4,000-a-year better off, government report suggests

This story is a couple of months old now, but I’ve just come across it. From the Telegraph:

An average trade union member earns £4,000-a-year more than non-unionised workers, many of whom have suffered wage freezes or pay cuts in the last year, a government report suggests.

This would seem a pretty clear cut case for joining a union, but the Tory MP the Telegraph found to comment on the story saw things slightly differently:

Conservative MP Alok Sharma said the potential for some employees to gain a financial advantage of others by joining a trade union was “extremely unfair”.

He said: “Employees with similar experience should be paid the same, for doing the same job, by the same employer and many will find it extremely unfair if some employees are being paid a premium just because they happen to be members of a trade union.”

He thinks it’s “extemely unfair” that workers are able to join together and negotiate collectively to secure a better deal for themselves. On the side of “hardworking people”?