Former economics student, residing in Bradford, UK. Find Modern Monetary Theory persuasive. It offers a sane alternative to austerity.

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I don’t support a particular political party, although I am a self-confessed lefty.


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  1. Sought by me is Labour party members to share in their personal and Labour party social media ideas that would end Austerity, pay off national debt and end starvation from the chaos of the abolition of the welfare state that pretends to be welfare reform, that is costing billions in admin.

    Bring back state pension at 60, and a revoke a lot of the total loss of state pension to millions in the future to numberless millions coming from 2016 that will burden the nation forever by those people on benefits for life or leave them to starve as benefits are further cut:

    Labour party members are the only way to reach Mr Miliband and Mr Balls to amend their election manifesto in plenty of time for the 2015 election, so as to save Labour from being a minority government, as 2015 will see the lowest voter turnout in UK history.

    The citizen wage is also funding neutral as the poor pay the bulk of the £520 billion from stealth taxes each year, especially from cigarette and alcohol duty. And saving councils donating to food banks and the admin cost to the DWP and Jobcentres of benefits admin by shutting those down re benefits and work.

    By being universal and non-means tested, admin of the citizen wage is at absolute minimal, or already funded within the HMRC.

    Voters gained by these two policies:
    There are 23 million over 50s in UK.
    60 per cent of 18-30 year olds did not vote in 2010 general election.
    Labour voters just folded up their arms and voted for no party in 2010.
    Over 35 million did not vote Labour in last two general elections.

    As the bulk of the over 50s are within the working poor, especially women, Labour would gain those voters.

    By the citizen wage also gain the squeezed middle women who lost out the most by the 5 per cent drop in threshold before get hit by higher tax band. as well as losing child tax credits and less maternity pay.

    A good majority of the 530,000 women who lost state pension payout from 2013 are coming off the electoral roll, so lost to all parties. And of course the millions between 2015 and 2020 and beyond by the rise in retirement age, which means both men and women lose pension payout.

    Millions of 18-30 year olds have never registered on the electoral roll.

    The working class is not a self-identifier, but about lack of money and the urban poor are on only a quarter of the average wage down to nil.

    97 per cent of the benefits bill goes to the working poor and poor pensioners, with only 3 per cent to unemployed, upon which are dumped the disabled and/or chronic sick, especially those aged over 60 who not listed in unemployment statistics.

    Austerity has never happened, but more national debt caused by welfare reform admin by profit to private firms involved and funding to DWP that need never have happened.

    The rise in retirement age has not saved one penny in tax, as the ring fenced National Insurance Fund has been full for decades, not needing a top up from tax, despite all the hype more people living to 100 than ever before in the UK.

    As the NI Fund is not a tax, it cannot legally be emptied by government for general expenditure.

    So returning the lost state pension at 60 to women and 65 to men is funding neutral.

    To those with only the state pension as income in old age, there is no benefit admin as the citizen wage replaces all that.

    This is also for the disabled and / or chronic sick as no longer the problem of the state if get a job or not, from the universal guaranteed citizen wage for all British passport holders with residence, that stealth taxes mean a round robin of funding, as the poor spend all their income, unlike the wealthier who withdraw money from the economy by saving. And all the admin of assessment and re-assessment not needed.

    Here is the alternative that would make Labour a majority government in 2015.

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