Governments Are Not Households

At the moment, Columbia Law School are holding a series of seminars on the theme of “Modern Money and Public Purpose”. You can go to their website here or follow them on Twitter (@thepublicmoney). Through the magic of the internet, all the seminars will be able to be viewed online.

The latest in the series was entitled “Governments are not Households” and featured two prominent Modern Monetary Theorists, Warren Mosler (who has 40 years experience in the finance sector) and Stephanie Kelton (an academic economist at the University of Missouri, Kansas City). Both do a great job of explaining complex (and often counter-intuitive) concepts in easily understandable terms. In this video, they discuss the nature of modern money, government debt and deficits. There are two presentations followed by a very good Q & A session.

Further Reading:

The 7 Deadly Innocent Frauds by Warren Mosler


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