I have had similar thoughts to these. So much furious discussion, but I don’t really have any words to add. It all seems so hopeless.

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The aftermath of the events in Paris has shown many of the worst things about the current media and social media. I’ve been watching, reading and following with a feeling, primarily, of sadness.

What depresses me the most – and surprises me the least – is the way that the hideousness has been used to support pretty much every agenda. I’ve seen the events used to ‘prove’ that we should leave the EU (‘control our borders’ etc) and that we should stay in the EU (‘solidarity’ with France), that we need less surveillance (it didn’t work this time, why not direct the effort and resources elsewhere) and that we need more surveillance (the threat is real, we must do everything needed). I’ve seen it said that we need to clamp down on Islam, that we need to support moderate Islam, that terrorists are all Muslims, that the vast majority of…

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One thought on “Paris…

  1. Look at this Alex…
    Placing advisers in food banks? But I thought food banks were never part of the welfare system or so IDS says.
    So, is this finally the Tories admission that they fully intend food banks to be a planned and permanent feature of the social security system? Funny really, because they’ve spent so long denying this is part of their plan, now they’re ‘rolling out’ advisors at every food bank, looks pretty planned to me

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