Latest Scottish seat predictions

I’ve just had a look at the latest betting for constituencies in Scotland. I last looked at this on 1st January, and since then, things have changed quite a lot – in a bad way for Labour and a good way for the SNP. Here then are my latest predictions based on the current odds, against what I predicted previously:

Current seats Jan 1st   Predictions Feb 27th Predictions
SNP     6       25       29
Labour    41       29       23
Lib Dem    11        4        6
Tory     1        1        1

There’s been a general tightening in the odds with prices on Labour drifting and SNP falling. Not sure whether that’s because people are putting money down, or caution from the bookies. I’m working on the assumption that the SNP’s poll lead will fall between now and May. Whether this is a good assumption or not, we’ll have to wait and see. Only 69 days to go!

4 thoughts on “Latest Scottish seat predictions

  1. Labour will not revoke the flat rate state pension, nor the Coalition’s Pension Bills 2010-2014 (flat rate state pension) that leaves men and women with nil state pension for those retiring on and from 6 April 2016.

    SNP will help the poor grey vote in Scotland more than Labour
    and we have to remember the Pensions Minister is Lib Dem Mr Steve Webb,
    so has presided over this entirely preventable impoverishment of the poor grey vote.

    The only way to get any state penson and a better one is to vote SNP in Scotland,
    who have offered not a straight coalition with Labour (pro austerity party)
    but a support and confidence.

    This is a Vote or Starve election,
    so this is not about voting,
    but putting an x in the box by SNP on Thursday 7 May in the polling station on your card from the council, so that they can fight for all the UK poor:

    – to get your kids, yourself and your granny food money
    – end fuel poverty leaving you in frozen homes
    – get any state pension at all
    – SNP is more likely than any other party to get Scots a better state pension

    Vote SNP, save all the grey poor throughout the UK.

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