The 101st day

Jules Birch

The Conservatives must be pinching themselves after 100 days in government. What can possibly go wrong?

For three months they’ve been able to do pretty much as they like. The Liberal Democrats are humiliated, Labour is demoralised and distracted and the opposition that has come from the SNP is a comforting reminder of the Scottish card that won the election. Thanks to all of that, plus expectations formed by inaccurate opinion polls, a government with a tiny majority elected with just over a third of the vote can behave as though it’s won a victory on a par with 1945, 1979 and 1997.

Yet the Tory luck cannot hold for ever. The obvious cloud on the horizon is Europe, with no sign that Brussels will hand David Cameron concessions meaningful enough to sell to his sceptical party ahead of the election. Economically, it’s far easier to start with a recession…

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3 thoughts on “The 101st day

    1. Europe hasn’t become export-led, if it was the PIIGS wouldn’t be in the state they are now (though someone else in the world would be, since an exporter needs an importer to buy their goods and services). But Germany is, and has been for a while now. I guess that’s almost the same as EU!

  1. Considering Webb is a weak interviewer – Cameron blatantly lied at one stage about the impact of the cuts in tax credits and Webb didn’t pick him up – Cameron struggled badly. Hopefully somebody with more teeth will get into him.

    But how Labour has let this run almost unchallenged is a travesty – don’t they realise that they only need 6 Tories to rebel on anything to stop them?

    A clear Tory strategy has developed (see many instances Hunt and Morgan, now Rudd). Develop simple headline “strategies”, make sure that the pain is in the detail and feed the monster with diversionary headlines as often as possible.

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